Building Bonds and limitless expectations

Patience is key to earning respect and building a bond with your dog!


Socialization from a young age is so important in building a well grounded dog!




Welcome to DogABond, Toronto's outdoor training experts.  We train where life happens, outdoors. You and your dog will learn in structured, real life situations. We go beyond basic obedience and teach your dog how to make good choices and trust you as their leader. 

We educate you on how to build a life long bond with your dog.   All dogs begin class on a martingale (training) collar, and we use 15' and 6'  leads. We teach you how to engage your dog, earn their respect and trust, and go places you would have never imagined. Best of all, we have fun doing it.

Pay off is a well educated, well rounded, happy dog!


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