Private Training 

Perhaps your schedule doesn't permit you to participate in our group class or there are behavioural needs for you and your dog that require special attention; in these cases we offer one on one training geared to your situation. Sessions are one hour in length with a minimum of one session at your home. Training at your convenience.   Packages start at 4 sessions at $ 550.00

Pre-Pet Counselling 

 Bringing a dog into your home should be a major decision.  Depending on the dog, you could have them around for 15 to 20+ years. Although all dogs need mental and physical exercise there are different levels of these requirements in  various breeds.  There are also financial considerations, time management issues. Who's going to walk, train, clean up etc. We can help you with this decision and help educate on appropriate breeds for your lifestyle.

 Outdoor Group Classes - Basics and Advanced


Our group classes are held at various locations around the GTA.   The classes run for a minimum of 1 hour. Dress appropriate for the weather conditions keeping in mind we are on the move and we go rain or shine.  

Proper socialization is key to a well educated dog, at DogABond we welcome all breeds, sizes, and ages of dog into our classes. Whether you have a brand new canine member to your home and are looking to start off with a solid foundation, or you have some issues with your not so new canine family member, our group classes are designed to educate all members.  We learn from each other's experiences as well as with our own. We encourage all family members to participate in classes when possible.

We teach the basic sit, stay, come, and we proof that in real life situations.  You will be confident in yourself and your dog! 

The equipment required to participate in our class is a Martingale or chain slip training collar, a 6'  leash, a 15' longe line, and a willingness to have fun. If you need to purchase a collar or a leash they can be purchased at your first class. 

For best results it is essential to complete the homework that is given at each class.



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