Pack Leader @ DogABond


Lynne Hind

Certified Trainer Educator


I have had a passion for dogs for my whole life and have spent the last 9+ years working with dogs and educating myself on the canine/human relationship.  The bond that is built with our training is meant for a lifetime. Our dogs know what is expected of them in our urban life and in exchange we give them the freedom to be dogs.

I'm part of a network of certified trainers across North America.  I participate in  seminars and training sessions, as often as is possible, in order to keep on top of new techniques, share experiences, learning/teaching strategies, all to bring into my classes. I'm proud to share the vast knowledge and experience with participating clients as I believe it's for the greater good of the dog.  I am committed to my clients and their dogs, many of my clients have become personal friends and are part of our pack long after the Training class ends. 

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